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TutorFind has developed several SAT Preparation Programs to meet students' different needs. One is right for you! All TutorFind SAT Preparation Programs are taught by TutorFind SAT Certified Tutors.


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Math tutors at TutorFind are special people. Of course all of them are ATA Certified tutors. Not only are they experts in offering math help to students who need it, but they love their subject matter as well. Math tutors at TutorFind make getting algebra help, calculus help, geometry help or just basic math homework help fun and easy.


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Flag TutorFind helps Veterans who are returning to school to learn a new skill. Many have been wounded and have new challenges in and out of the classroom. TutorFind's personalized approach to helping these special people allows the Veterans to get the help they need.


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Kathryn - Davidsonville, MD
I tutor according to my teaching philosophy, which I have enclosed. I feel the most important thing in tutoring is to instill or maintain confidence in the student, and attain mutual respect. I use analogy, metaphor and many examples while tutoring. And of course I know that repetition works. TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: BIOLOGY For students in introductory courses I consider biology as the central science for illustration and example. Biology is a science to which they have great general exposure, because very basic biological concepts are familiar in daily life. I believe in high standards of instruction that prepare undergraduate students for successful post-graduate lives. My mission in terms of education strives to help students develop lifelong learning skills that will allow them to become productive members of society, attained through interacting with students and beginning with excellent teaching. I use a variety of instructional methods, including a mix of traditional lecture and laboratory with contemporary instructional techniques that emphasize inquiry, problem solving, small group collaboration, and writing. The purpose for using these approaches is to increase student content knowledge, scientific literacy, and critical thinking, important elements of lifelong learning in the sciences. To complement traditional lecture/laboratory instruction, I use inquiry-based teaching to help students develop essential skills and scientific ways of thinking through exploration, analysis, and evaluation of scientific concepts and principles. Problem solving helps students understand scientific content as well as develop scientific processes so that instruction is relevant and meaningful. I try to incorporate small group collaboration as a mechanism for inquiry and problem solving that helps students develop communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, skills that are valued by the general scientific community. Although I favor traditional, face-to-face teaching/learning, I incorporate technology as another teaching tool, for communication and as a supportive organizational tool. Examples of technology are course management software (WebCT or Blackboard), presentation software (PowerPoint), and various websites (either existing or constructed by faculty for their courses).

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