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A+ Report Card When faced with problems in school, it's tough to know where to turn. Find out why TutorFind believes one on one tutoring is the most effective and most affordable solution!


SAT Preparation

TutorFind has developed several SAT Preparation Programs to meet students' different needs. One is right for you! All TutorFind SAT Preparation Programs are taught by TutorFind SAT Certified Tutors.


Math Tutoring

Math tutors at TutorFind are special people. Of course all of them are ATA Certified tutors. Not only are they experts in offering math help to students who need it, but they love their subject matter as well. Math tutors at TutorFind make getting algebra help, calculus help, geometry help or just basic math homework help fun and easy.


TutorFind Helps American Veterans!!

Flag TutorFind helps Veterans who are returning to school to learn a new skill. Many have been wounded and have new challenges in and out of the classroom. TutorFind's personalized approach to helping these special people allows the Veterans to get the help they need.


We are so pleased. The tutor is helping my son build confidence as well as increasing his knowledge base.

S. Foster
Ashburn, VA


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Elizabeth - Baltimore, MD
I feel that one of the most important aspects of tutoring is to listen to the child and family. It is essential to involve the parents and child in the goal setting process. This initial step often motivates the child to learn and establishes a trusting environment. As a tutor I think that it is necessary to get to know each student. Each child has unique learning styles, likes, and dislikes. Having this information allows a tutor to create individualized sessions that focus on the child's strenghts. I feel that positive praise and constuctive feedback need to be given on a regular basis. A tutoring environment should be structured yet allow for the child to make choices. Independence should be encouraged as much as possible. At the end of each session, it is crucial to meet with the parents to review the session, make them aware of any additional assignments, and to thank them for their involvement.

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