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Customer Testimonials

A. Adams, Chicago, IL
Thank you for finding such a great tutor! I got an A in my class. I will definitely keep TutorFind in mind for the future!

J. Danjou, Brooklyn, NY
The tutor has given my son the confidence that he needed to do well in math. I'm so pleased with the tutor!

C. Parpay, Dudley, MA
My tutor and I are working well together. She is helping me with conversation and I've improved greatly.

L. Hawthorne, Manassas, VA
Our tutor is wonderful! My daughter has improved dramatically in a short amount of time.

E. Evans, Dumfries, VA
Out tutor is the best! He "gets" teenage boys and can really motivate them.

J. Bryan, Vienna, VA
Our sons really enjoy their tutor. He is a great teacher- prompt, courteous and professional.

T. Allen, Burtonsville, MD
Thank you for saving us with a fantastic tutor! Our son is very comfortable with her and she does a great job!

G. Cranley, Herndon, VA
Working with TutorFind was a great experience. They found us a very knowledgeable tutor.

B. Reyle, Alexandria, VA
The tutor is truly interested in helping my son learn. He has excellent people skills and a broad knowledge of the subject!

C. Peterson, Manassas, VA
I would highly recommend our tutor. He was great with our son and established an instant rapport!

D. Bouchery, Woodbridge, VA
Tracy was wonderful. Matthew's grade went an F to a B in 2 months!

D. Osmolovsky, Silver Spring, MD
Keep up the excellent customer service and the excellent tutors!

D. Draper, Clifton, VA
My daughter's SAT score increased from a 1960 to a 2170. Our daughter loved her tutor. In her words, "He was awesome!"

R. Easton, Fairfax, VA
Outstanding tutor in both Algebra 2 and Chemistry- excellent combination for a high school junior.

M. Villa, Herndon, VA
My son began improving his grade in Geometry immediately. He went from an F to a B. I recommend TutorFind to everyone.

M. Lyons, Forestville, MD
I received an A on my final paper and a B in my English class!

J. Hardison, Vienna, VA
Navigating the website was fast and easy and our tutor was well qualified and communicated well with my son.

I. Walsh, Gaithersburg, MD
My tutor is very helpful, focused and punctual.

T. Williams, St. Louis, MO
I highly recommend TutorFind to anyone who is in need of tutoring- professional and excellent!

M. Halvordson, Bristow, VA
Our son got an A on his French 1 final and an A in the class thanks to excellent tutoring.

T. Miller, Ft. Meade, MD
My tutor was knowledgeable and versatile. I would recommend TutorFind to all who are in need of a tutor.

T. Poole, Lanham, MD
After three weeks of tutoring my daughter had "aced" several tests. TutorFind was a great find for our family.

L. Trichilo, Oakton, VA
Our tutor was able to start quickly and to explain Chemistry thoroughly to my daughter. She loves the tutor's visits!

S. Black, Timonium, MD
Great Program!

A. Bonitto, Columbia, MD
TutorFind helped me find a great tutor for my son. He was failing math, but now he is getting 100s on his exams.

D. May, Manassas, VA
Our daughter's reading tests jumped 30 points and her language arts went up 12 points thanks to her fantastic tutor!

S. Robinson, Ellicott City, MD
Marie is a perfect match for our son. She is patient and understands his learning difficulties.

K. Morey, Fairfax Station, VA
The tutor's pleasant and patient demeanor is a great match for our daughter. She is astute, prepared and challenging.

D. Poore, Washington, DC
I would like to thank TutorFind for the fine service that they have provided. My course is going well & my grade has risen!

D. Poore, Washington, DC
Top marks for my tutor, Shama!

E. Davis, Lake Ridge, VA
My tutor's knowledge is exceptional- he has helped me greatly!

R. Potts, Ashburn, VA
The tutor has really helped my son with Algebra 2/Trig. I would highly recommend TutorFind.

R. Shifreen, Glen Arm, MD
This is the second time I have used TutorFind and I would not hesitate to use their services again.

C. Barron, Hagerstown, MD
TutorFind was quickly able to locate a highly qualified tutor for my son-his math grade was the highest he has ever received.

K. Heinrich, Centreville, VA
My daughter's Chemistry grade improved from a C- to a B.

M. Lawrence, Nokesville, VA
The tutor helped my son with his work ethic, raised his confidence and truly taught the subject matter to him.

C. Zendle, Oakton, VA
The tutor did a wonderful job with our daughter. Her skill levels and confidence clearly increased.

J. Weatherbee, McLean, VA
The tutor was a perfect match for my daughter. They totally hit it off and her final grade in Pre-Calculus was 100!

G. Sonies, Herndon, VA
The tutor's patient, clear and focused efforts were very helpful to my daughter. We'll call TutorFind again for math help!

M. McCutchan, South Riding, VA
I love your service and will definitely use it again in the future.

J. Harrison, Chantilly, VA
Thanks for a great service!

J. Johnson, Alexandria, VA
I didn't think it was possible to find a tutor for my son with such short notice, much less one of such high quality!

G. Page, Upper Marlboro, MD
TutorFind is an excellent organization. I would recommend its service to anyone!

C. Kelley, Manassas, VA
Our tutor quickly assessed our daughter's weaknesses and developed an aggressive program to correct them as soon as possible!

D. Whaley, Mitchellville, MD
Our tutor was very good. She explained things thoroughly and was both persistent and patient.

D. Stanton, Alexandria, VA
I appreciate that TutorFind respected my request to find the right tutor for my daughter. He has been very helpful!

S. Bousquet, Montgomery Village, MD
The tutor was very good and our son felt that he was much better than his Pre-Calculus teacher at the high school.

D. Kallighan, Warrenton, VA
We would highly recommend TutorFind's service and will use you again!

M. Crist, Powhatan, VA
The tutor had a way of connecting with our daughter. Her grade went from an 80 to a 95!

J. Romano, Brandywine, MD
Our tutor provided instruction in both Algebra and Chemistry and helped our daughter to achieve high marks in both classes.

S. Weidman, Manassas, VA
Our tutor was needed to help study for the Algebra SOL. Our daughter passed with "Advanced Proficiency"!

V. Bastian, Frederick, MD
The tutor was able to explain topics in a way which made it so much easier to understand!

D. Rampy, McLean, VA
Excellent no nonsense tutoring! Excellent knowledge of material! Will use TutorFind again!

J. Piersante, Fairfax Station, VA
We have had 2 tutors from TutorFind. They both have been exceptional, well prepared and knowledgeable!

M. Stolte, Nokesville, VA
Our tutor is wonderful! As always, TutorFind has done a great job!

J. Brady, Sterling, VA
My tutor is excellent and has done a fantastic job!

C. Whitby, Woodbridge, VA
The tutor is great and relates to our daughter very well.

S. McCallister, Manassas, VA
Our tutor is professional, pleasant and helpful!

J. Tunis, Washington, DC
Very pleased with TutorFind- have reached all of my goals this semester!

C. Dowd, Randallstown, MD
Our tutor is capable, concerned and knowledgeable. He has a great teaching style and gets the job done.

D. Standerfer, Reston, VA
We could not be more pleased with our tutor. He has a great approach and connnects very well with our son!

K. Finelli, Fairfax Station, VA
Our daughter's tutor has done a great job making the material easy to understand and she has learned so much as a result!

M. Ortiz, Everett, MA
The tutor you sent did a great job and my daughter got a 95 on her midterm math exam!

P. Ross, Washington D.C.
TutorFind found a tutor for my daughter at the last minute, with the right personality to match her learning style.

D. Malone, Colts Neck, NJ
My daughter received an A as her final grade in her College Algebra class. She never could have done it without her tutor!

P. Barber, Woodbridge, VA
We are very happy with the service that TutorFind has provided. My daughter really looks forward to working with her tutor.

M. Carey, Manassas, VA
TutorFind is an excellent service to aid a student in reaching his/her academic potential!

W. Ferenc, Rosedale, MD
Our tutor is very energetic and takes pride in her approach to tutoring!

Y. May, McLean, VA
Kristie is a wonderful tutor. Our daughter is truly benefiting from her services!

D. Graham, Baltimore, MD
I would recommend TutorFind to anyone looking for reliable help with school.

T. Nichols, Baltimore, MD
My son's final grade for his AP class was a B. We are so happy about his success.

P. Franks, Philadelphia,PA
Our tutor helped our daughter a great deal. He was fantastic.

G. Brown, Philadelphia, PA
Our daughter's tutor is wonderful. As a result she scored a 95% on her last test!

P. Jung, Philadelphia, PA
TutorFind's Study Skills program was great for my son. He now has new ideas about studying and different ways to make sure he gets things done.

B. Smithe, Philadelphia, PA
Our tutor is punctual and knows the material. The entire process has been very positive for us.

R. Talet, Philadelphia, PA
TutorFind is very convenient for parents who work. The tutor came to me, at my convenience.

M. Conn, Philadelphia, PA
My tutor challenges me to push forward and to expect perfection of myself.

T. Barnes, Boston, MA
Our tutor is highly energized and organized. He knows how to approach the material that needs to be covered and does a thorough job.

P. Miller, Boston, MA
The tutor was excellent, professional and helpful. Thanks, I passed the course!

A. Landsman, Boston, MA
Our tutor is a real professional. Her sessions with my son are extremely productive.

M. Jones, Boston, MA
Excellent experience!

C. Bull, Boston, MA
Thanks to TutorFind, my daughter has gone from a D to a B+, even with her learning disability.

C. Corey, Boston, MA
I am very satisfied with both the tutoring and the results in my classes.

C. Butler, Boston, MA
I think that TutorFind provides a good service and I'm glad that I found out about it.

C. Burns, Boston, MA
Our tutor is wonderful. He has so many different ways of teaching. He finds the one that fits for each student.

T. Hucks, Washington, DC
My tutor was wonderful. She was skilled and professional.

G. Burkett, Chicago, IL
Thank you for your services- the tutor was wonderful!

C. Dohse, Chicago, IL
After just one tutoring session, my son understood Algebra 2 and currently has a B in the class.

J. Dragnich, Arlington, VA
Our tutor is extremely organized, conscientious, well-prepared and motivating. She is first class!

D. Draper, Chicago, IL
My daughter's SAT score increased from a 1960 to a 2170. Our daughter loved our tutor. In her words, "He was awesome!"

D. Draper, Chicago, IL
My daughter's SAT score increased from a 1960 to a 2170. Our daughter loved our tutor. In her words, "He was awesome!"

W. Dahlstrom, Arlington, VA
The tutor met with our daughter and she thinks that he INVENTED Chemistry!

L. Smerbeck, Gainesville, VA
Our TutorFind tutor is the best we've ever had!

R. Lunsford, Clifton, VA
Professional and reliable tutors.

M. Arnolia, Temple Hills, MD
With tutoring, our daughter has improved tremendously in math. Her grade increased from a D to a B.

T. Williams, Silver Spring, MD
TutorFind is the most professional tutoring service I have found and I will most certainly be using their services again.

F. Stark, Chicago, IL
TutorFind works well with parent/student scheduling and meeting the needs of each individual. Each tutor is well informed and up to date with current academic levels.

J. Johnson, Forestville, MD
The tutor is providing excellent services to our son.

M. Kassman, Rockville, MD
The tutor has done a very good job with our daughter.

E. White, Chicago, IL
Excellent experience- I wish I had called sooner!

G. Guest, Chicago, IL
I would recommend TutorFind to all children in need of tutoring.

E. Bonner, Chicago, IL
One on one instruction is well worth the time, the effort and the accomplishment!

J. Easton, Fairfax, VA
Quick response- our tutor is excellent!

R. Dowden, Haymarket, VA
My tutor helps give me the confidence to try the work on my own.

W. Weil, Boston, MA
Tutoring started the same day that I called- very flexible schedule!

H. Griffin, Damascus, MD
TutorFind is very friendly and efficient. They found my tutor in less than a week AND he is awesome!

A. Cook, Chicago, IL
Our tutor was wonderful. She related very well to my son and he actually enjoyed his sessions. I give her a high recommendation.

M. Hines, Baltimore, MD
Don't hesitate to seek this valuable service!

E. Leffler, Chicago, IL
The TutorFind system worked well. I am very happy with the tutor.

P. Basu-Barua, Washington, DC
TutorFind is a very professional organization which made a difficult situation very easy. I would definitely recommend TutorFind to everyone.

R. Britton, Centreville, MD
TutorFind has been very convenient and helpful to my child.

W. Dwyer, Gaithersburg, MD
The education counselors at TutorFind are more than helpful. I would highly recommend them!

P. Vuong, Fairfax, VA
I highly recommend using TutorFind. They are quick in finding tutors!

A. Muscarella, Chicago, IL
Our tutor is highly energized and organized. He knows how to approach the material that needs to be covered and does a thorough job.

A. Yung, Chicago, IL
The TutorFind Study Skills Program gave my son new ideas and better ways to study more effectively.

C. Muth, Chicago, IL
The education counselor was very efficient about finding a tutor who was excellent, organized and knowledgeable. I am already using TutorFind again for SAT prep for my older daughter.

A. Tillett, Chicago, IL
I love the tutor coming to our home. It's very convenient when both parents work.

B. Mascali, Chicago, IL
My son's final grade for AP Government was a "B" and we were all very pleased with his success.

J. Masar, Silver Spring, MD
Our tutor has been so helpful that I will continue to use her for this year and next!

P. Cleveland, Alexandria, VA
The tutor helped my daughter raise her grade from an "F" to a "B" in one quarter.

B. Stone, Chicago, IL
I would highly recommend TutorFind in the future.

T. Robison, Bristow, VA
TutorFind does a great job and provides a good service!

A. Landsman, Chicago, IL
Our tutor is a real professional. Her sessions with my son are extremely productive.

R. Berger, Manassas, VA
TutorFind is Great!

C. Corey, Chicago, IL
I am very satisfied with both the tutoring and the results in my classes.

L. Spencer, Arlington, VA
The tutor worked well with my daughter. She engaged her interest and covered a lot of material during the tutoring sessions.

B. Knopf, Chicago, IL
Our tutor was excellent. He helped my daughter tremendously in learning the subject.

G. Spencer, Boston, MA
I highly recommend TutorFind. The one on one approach is very conducive to learning.

M. Bediako, Ft. Meade, MD
I learned more from my tutor than I did from my professor. TutorFind is an excellent program and I would recommend it to anyone!

C. Montoya, Chicago, IL
TutorFind has been more than wonderful as far as making math fun and enjoyable for my child!

S. Dignan, Fairfax, VA
TutorFind is an excellent company which was able to meet my expectations. I got an A in the course!

J. Lloyd, Washington D.C.
TutorFind was very helpful in passing a challenging course.

S. Doerr, Alexandria, VA
Alan is outstanding! Thank you!

D. Paquin, Chicago, IL
I had a tutor who was both professional and helpful within 30 minutes of my initial call!

A. Martin, Chicago, IL
Mr. Ward was excellent, professional and helpful. Thanks, I passed the course!

Y. Garner, Boston, MA
I was very pleased with TutorFind and our tutor and would recommend and use them again.

Y. Garner, Washington, DC
I was very pleased with TutorFind and our tutor and would recommend and use them again.

R. Brown, Upper Marlboro, MD
Excellent program!

M. Robinson, Fredericksburg, VA
Shaun is great! I could see results immediately.

L. Deigh, Vienna, VA
Our tutor was very helpful, easy to talk to and work with and really went the exra mile to communicate with my son's teachers in developing strategies to help him!

M. Michlovitz, Warrenton, VA
My tutor was extremely helpful and went beyond the call of duty! He's the reason I was able to pass my Statistics class with a B!

V. McCormick, Manassas, VA
It's never too late! I was amazed at how much my son learned in just days with the tutor from TutorFind.

C. Friedman, Chicago, IL
We were in an "emergency" situation. The tutor helped greatly in preparing our child for an end the year exam.

D. Carper, Chicago, IL
TutorFind and Shaun were great- we would highly recommend both!

R. Ray, Baltimore, MD
The tutor was able to relate to my son about his academics in a way that I could not and it helped to motivate him to improve his grades.

J. Hamamoto, Pikesville, MD
I have been very pleased with the TutorFind experience!

S. Chambliss, Herndon, VA
This has been an invaluable investment in our son's education. He has gone from a "C" average student to the honor roll since he began using TutorFind!!

K. Cevis, Edgewood, MD
My experience with TutorFind was a good one and I highly recommend the service!

L. Kaplan, Springfield, VA
Our tutor does an excellent job. He is professional, reliable and prepared.

S. Shantharam, Ellicott City, MD
The tutor is very knowledgeable and helpful.

M. Sussman, Silver Spring, MD
Our tutor has a great degree of enthusiam and relays his love of math to his students.

G. Bright, Chicago, IL
My tutor was knowledgeable in the subject area and he made the subject much easier to comprehend.

S. Pfost, Herndon, VA
Our tutor is exceptional!

K. Bury, Montgomery Village, MD
My son raised his French grade from a "D" to a "B" in just one quarter thanks to our tutor!

R. Evans, Upper Marlboro, MD
My tutor was extremely professional and knowledgable about Algebra.

K. Dupree, Andrews AFB, MD
I had a great experience with TutorFind!

H. Porter, McLean, VA
We have been most impressed with our tutor. She is a talented and gifted teacher and we all think very highly of her. Please, can we keep her forever!!

S. O'Neal, Centreville, VA
My daughter and I LOVE our tutor. She has truly been a blessing to my daughter's successful turnaround in Mathematics!

D. Curran, Chicago, IL
I am very pleased with TutorFind. I appreciate their help and concern in providing an excellent tutor for my child and answering my needs.

N. Lach, Sterling, VA
My tutor was so easy to learn from ~ I owe my success to her!

L. Ricci, Ellicott City, MD
Our tutor is wonderful! Very flexible, dedicated and hardworking.

C. Parks, Chicago, IL
I have been very happy with our tutor and the way we were treated by TutorFind. The service is very good and speedy!

C. Hall, Chicago, IL
It's so hard to find a tutor in the Advanced Math areas, but from beginning to end, this has been a positive experience. Thank you for your help!

M. Britton, Manassas, VA
Our tutor is fantastic. I would gratefully recommend TutorFind to any and all friends.

A. Bhatia, Chicago, IL
Excellent experience!!

J. Smith, Arlington, VA
The most valuable part of the tutoring is that it gave my daughter more self confidence to improve her study habits.

K. Hefferin, Haymarket, VA
TutorFind has been a great experience for us. They placed us with a tutor that really can relate to my child and give him new learning tools to succeed.

C. Ingalls, Chicago, IL
Great Educator! She enabled our daughter to increase her PSAT by 70 points! Very pleased!

P. McGinty, Vienna, VA
The tutor is a wonderful, knowledgeable and caring professional — truly a flawless find!

K. Barkley, Fairfax, VA
The tutor shows extreme patience and concern with my daughter in helping her succeed.

M. Chow, Great Falls, VA
The tutor was fantastic! TutorFind was extremely helpful and friendly.

P. Weaver, Potomac, MD
The tutor is very patient with my son who has a learning disability in the area of language, which makes learning Spanish even more difficult.

D. Fisher, Chicago, IL
Your find was swift and the tutor you placed with us is fantastic!

M. Schiffmann, Rockville, MD
The tutor was very friendly, had a good rapport with the student and was very professional and punctual.

E. Rosenblum, Chicago, IL
Very professional service. The tutor is wonderful with my children, knows the subjects well and has a great manner with them!

D. Stagno, Chicago, IL
The tutor has helped my daughter to regain her feelings that she is capable of succeeding in Math! We look forward to having her assistance again next year with Geometry.

J. Andrews, Manassas, VA
Our tutor is exceptional. I am very satisfied with the work she did and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for tutoring help.

M. Martinez, Mt. Airy, MD
My tutor is great, a real asset to TutorFind. He helped my son realize his potential in no time!

M. Balistrere, Rockville, MD
My tutor is an expert in Math and Science and an excellent teacher. I couldn't have asked for a more ideal tutor.

J. Carter, Pikesville, MD
Great service- I'm quite pleased!

L. Frelin, Manassas, VA
After seeing the results of tutoring, I couldn't be more pleased! I only wish we had used TutorFind earlier for my son and his older siblings as well!

S. Winslow, Timonium, MD
It's so wonderful to have a tutor come to our home!

S. Foster, Ashburn, VA
We are so pleased. The tutor is helping my son build confidence as well as increasing his knowledge base.

E. Leadley, Chicago, IL
The tutor really reached our daughter and made a difference. She is very intelligent, well read and has a gifted way of working with young adults.

A. Bailey, Chicago, IL
My tutor is very patient, understanding, flexible, earnest and has tact and diplomacy.

N. Rosen, Fairfax, VA
TutorFind is a resource that is a good building block for advice and strategies toward learning organization and fluency.

R. Horning, Gainesville, VA
I was very pleased with our tutor. I did not hope to get anyone who so sucessfully met my daughter's needs.

K. Wychgram, Baltimore, MD
Easy to use service. Helps to decrease my daughter's anxiety. She looks forward to sessions. Tutor is excellent!

N. Edwards, Owings Mills, MD
I can understand why TutorFind was named "Best" in Washington Families magazine! My daughter and I have been thrilled!

S. Ross, Manassas, VA
I've been very pleased with the tutoring thus far and would definitely use TutorFind again.

M. Bessey, Reston, VA
We didn't think that we would be able to find an IB level tutor, but TutorFind did it!

S. Wilson, Kensington, MD
I cannot say enough wonderful things about (our tutor). She was very patient and thorough. My daughter learned test taking and study skills that will benefit her way beyond taking the SAT!

J. Kingham, Washington DC
(Our tutor) teaches self confidence, a love of the subject as well as the class material. He is a gem!

J. Boylan, Suitland, MD
Thank you TutorFind for providing me with such a fine instructor. I will be recommending your firm to anyone I know or meet who is in need of tutoring services!

C. Biondo, Chicago, IL
(Our tutor) has been a great help to my daughter. He is punctual, professional and knows the material. It has been a very positive experience.

R. Bajwa, Fairfax, VA
I would highly recommend TutorFind to other parents. It has made a tremendous difference in my child's performance in school.

A. Anderson, Chicago, Il
(The tutor) is very good with our daughter. We are very pleased with the tutoring.

S. Locke, Chevy Chase, MD
I had high expectations for TutorFind and they were all met!

S. Siegel, Timonium, MD
I got the score that I needed on the GMAT to attend the MBA program I wanted. Thank you, TutorFind!

L. Robbins, Culpeper, VA
I have recommended TutorFind to other parents. It is nice to know that help is available and convenient!

L. Chevalier, Dale City, VA
Very outstanding tutoring and staff!

D. Hopkins, Chicago, IL
TutorFind provided an excellent tutor who has the ablility to explain the subject matter in understandable terminology.

M. Rifkin, Baltimore, MD
Our tutor is very knowledgeable and knows the craft of teaching well. He is patient and probes the student to assess his understanding of the content. We are very pleased.

P. Tessler, Rockville, MD
Very pleased with both the service and the tutor.

M. Merriman, Springfield, VA
Both my daughter and I found using TutorFind to be a very pleasant experience.

E. Strucko, Chicago, IL
Excellent tutor! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful! I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know.

E. Brown, Chicago, IL
Both SAT tutors have been fantastic for my son. He feels that this has done him a world of good. He said that each 2 hour session felt like 20 minutes!

D. McGregor, Chicago, IL
We couldn't have been more pleased with our tutoring experience. It was a great help to our daughter.

V. White, Montgomery Village, MD
Our tutor really helped my son prepare for the Verbal SAT. We just learned that he got an 800!

R. Herbert, Mt. Rainier, MD
Our tutor was very professional and knowledgeable in her subject area. It reflects well on TutorFind to have someone of her caliber on staff.

C. Marbley-Davis, Chicago, IL
I highly recommend TutorFind! Our tutor has been very helpful and professional.

K. Clark, Boston, MA
I am very pleased with the services provided by both TutorFind and our tutor!

R. Foster, Herndon, VA
The tutor was great- she worked well with our daughter and really made her enjoy the sessions.

M. Shay, Bethesda, MD
TutorFind eased my mind by finding me a tutor who was familiar with my class as well as working with older students. Thanks so much!

S. Pfost, Herndon, VA
Our tutor provides us excellent service. His concern for our son far exceeds our expectations.

S. Moody, Woodbridge, VA
My tutor is very knowledgeable in many subjects. Thanks to her I was able to turn my grade of "F" around in time to a "B". I never would have made it without TutorFind!

J. Fraase, Centreville, VA
My daughter was very pleased with tutoring. Her grade went from a low C to a B+ in one quarter!

S. Long, Arlington, VA
My tutor is a very effective teacher. The proof is that I got an "A" in the class.

R. Lee, Washington D.C.
Within the first session with my tutor, everything started to become clear and I started making better grades on my exams. He was an outstanding tutor. I would recommend him to my friends, family and classmates.

M. Rajaobelina, Arlington, VA
TutorFind was a great help to my son and he is doing better at school- beyond our expectations!

J. Lazaro, Silver Spring, MD
TutorFind is the right institution to find a good tutor!

S. Albicker, Lakeridge, VA
Our tutor's skills, knowledge, and professional presentation established TutorFind's credibility and reliability for me.

C. Bull, Chicago, IL
Thanks to TutorFind, my daughter has gone from a D to a B+, even with her learning disability.

P. Ford, Lanham, MD
I think that TutorFind is wonderful. I tell parents, if you are looking for quality and excellence, choose TutorFind for your children.

C. Butler, Chicago, IL
I think that TutorFind provides a good service and I'm glad that I found out about it.

D. Scott, Chicago, IL
TutorFind was instrumental in helping me to acquire a degree.

K. Maddox, Alexandria, VA
Our tutor is truly a blessing, not only to our son, but to the entire family. She's absolutely fabulous!

M. Hardisty, Bethesda, MD
I highly recommend TutorFind because our experience with our tutor was everything we hoped it would be. She provided just the right support and professionalism.

I. Mills, Springfield, VA
With a tutor my child gained confidence and assurance that help was available to her.

L. Mallory, Silver Spring, MD
The tutor was very helpful in getting our son over the rough spots!

T. Smith, Philadelphia, PA
Our tutor was exceptional, the best tutor my daughter has ever had!

L. Richmond, Manassas, VA
I was very pleased with the level of service provided by the TutorFind staff. The tutor was a perfect match for my daughter.

J. Trevino, Washington, DC
My tutor was excellent! He was able to help me succeed in my math course.

A. Ahdoot, Baltimore, MD
(Our tutor) is outstanding. She is very knowledgeable and exceedingly patient.

J. DiIenno, Potomac, MD
(Finding TutorFind) has been a great experience for both me and my son!

M. Balderston, Clifton, VA
(The tutoring) has made a world of difference in our student's attitude and performance and has significantly decreased the stress in our house!

L. Austin, Pikesville, MD
(The tutor) has been a great help. I would not have been able to get through the class without her help.

G. Manouelian, Chicago, IL
TutorFind helped me when my school would not!

J. Codella, Chantilly, VA
TutorFind was excellent in finding the best tutor for my son. They took into consideration all of his special needs and found a perfect match for him.

B. Gutman, Chicago, IL
A wonderful tutor who is well versed in Calculus, very helpful and caring. Our daughter, as a result, obtained a 95% on her placement test. He is a gem!

C. Burns, Chicago, IL
Our tutor is wonderful. He has so many different ways of teaching. He finds the one that fits for each student. My daughter's grades and work habits have already improved.

C. Marsh, Chicago, IL
Our tutor is very capable and sensitive to dealing with an adolescent!

C. Panagiotopoulos, Chicago, IL
TutorFind provided an incredible teacher- she is kind, patient and the strategies she uses to teach our son are fantastic. She shows him how to figure things out, rather than just imparting facts. We love her!

E. McEntee, Chicago, IL
Our tutor was very easy to work with. Our daughter has paid attention and responded well to working with her.

H. Looney, Manassas, VA
The tutor was very patient with our son. She was personable, concerned and she came up with solutions for his learning disability.

M. McKenney, Washington DC
My tutor was great! He was always available whenever I needed him!

A. Ritter, Baltimore, MD
(My tutor) is extremely knowledgeable about the subject. He challenges me to push forward and to expect perfection of myself.

Richardson, C.J., Vienna, VA
My son was failing Math. After 4 weeks of tutoring he achieved a B+ on his final exam! I only wish that we had contacted TutorFind sooner.

L. Braxton, Centreville, VA
My tutor rates beyond expectations in every category! Thanks to TutorFind in helping me to achieve my Bachelor's degree.

D. Smith, Chicago, IL
A great tutor contacted me with a set appointment date within 15 minutes of speaking with TutorFind! My son enjoyed working with the tutor and his report card improved by 2 grades. Thank you TutorFind!

S. Halverson, Alexandria, VA
This is an excellent service and I hope you all prosper beyond belief. I am a teacher and I will recommend your service to parents of struggling students.

L. Costello, Arlington, VA
We could not have been more pleased with our tutor. He not only caught our son up on the work he was behind in, but also got him liking math again. He was a lifesaver!

L. Kline, Baltimore, MD
(The tutor) is well qualified and lovely. My grandson connected with her immediately, paid attention and is doing so well!

R. Trimble, Centreville, VA
(The tutor) was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in the area I was studying!

K. Shupe, Sterling, VA
I went through 3 places before I found TutorFind- the only one able to help!

J. Allison, Gaithersburg, MD
I have been very pleased with TutorFind's services and with my daughter's tutor.

M. Baldy, Burke, VA
My "last minute" call was met with understanding and concern. I would use TutorFind again and recommend your company to others.

M. Taylor, Oak Hill, VA
TutorFind makes it easy to locate help quickly. The staff is very friendly and professional.

D. Washington, Chicago, IL
My daughter is doing much better in school now that she is working with a tutor. If my kids ever have any problems I'll be calling TutorFind!

G. Ciarlone, Chicago, IL
My son had a 59 in Biology for the first semester. Within a few weeks of working with the tutor, his grade rose to the mid 90s.

I. Bah, Bladensburg, MD
My child could not pronounce any words, but, with TutorFind, she can read books, spell and sound out words. It's unbelievable!

L. Rothrock, McLean, VA
We have an excellent tutor who goes beyond what is required to provide the best service possible.

C. Goetzinger, Chicago, IL
(Our tutor) is absolutely wonderful,knowledgeable, pleasant and flexible.

E. Faber, Chicago, IL
The personal attention and encouragement that my child has received from her tutor have helped to motivate her. She is progressing quite well!

M. Cunha, Gainesville, VA
TutorFind matched us with the most wonderful tutor! Our daughter loves her and looks forward to her tutoring sessions. We are so pleased with this experience.

J. Klein, Boston, MA
We are very pleased to have connected with such a great tutor. She gets along well with our daughter, is flexible, and really knows her subject. We would definitely recommend TutorFind!

C. McInnes, Chicago, IL
My daughter's quarter grade went from 78 to 90. Her test scores improved by 20 points!

T. Stoskus, Ashburn, VA
The tutor has been a perfect match. We anticipate a long educational relationship.

S. Harley, Silver Spring, MD
TutorFind services are superb from initial contact to tutoring services. Would highly recommend!

J. Watkins, Fairfax Station, VA
Thank you! You run a much needed and effective service!

R. Albee, Baltimore, MD
A terrific tutor to our daughter. She has been extremely flexible. We have been very fortunate to have such a talented tutor work with our daughter.

L. Dennard, Baltimore, MD
Easy, convenient, excellent service!

F. Redding, Chicago, IL
This is the 3rd time I have used your service. You are always responsive.

S. Hanson, Fairfax, VA
An exceptionally talented tutor who has re-motivated [my child] and helped raise her Spanish grades.

B. White, Philadelphia, PA
The tutoring has been so helpful for my child!

R. Shifreen , Glen Arm, MD
We have used TutorFind 3 times for various subjects and have always been very satisfied with the help we've gotten.

B. Wheat, Towson, MD
Our son's tutor is easy to relate to, knowledgeable and makes tutoring fun for a 15 year old!

G. Sfreddo, Manassas, VA
Jill is a great fit for our daughter!

S. Shirvan, Ellicott City, MD
Steven was very helpful. He even created extra assignments and vocabulary lists for our daughter.

K. Dail, Woodbridge, VA
TutorFind has been a lifesaver! My daughter's grade has gone from an F to a C. We're hoping for a B this grading period.

A. Konieczny, Great Falls, VA
Mark has been very helpful, pleasant and professional. My daughter's grades in both Physics and Pre-Calculus have gone up.

M. Wuttke, Bristow, VA
The tutor knows how to use the correct, positive words to show our son that he can really do this!

G. Guest, Dumfries, VA
My daughter has excelled this year because of TutorFind. She is finally on the right track!

S. Harris, Upper Marlboro, MD
My child progressed from a C+ to an A+ in 1 quarter with the help and patience of her tutor. I grade TutorFind & Omar an A+!

M. Barton, Arlington, VA
Finding someone who could help with my specific subject was great. Having the tutor come to my area was even more convenient.

C. Giacomangeli, Ashburn, VA
We were able to start right away and the tutor was flexible with changes in our schedule.

G. Mansilla, Germantown, MD
The communication with TutorFind was easy and quick!

Y. Kaiser, Washington, DC
Thank you so much for your help in finding my tutor. She was really great!

J. McClesky, Fredericksburg, VA
Great service. I have already recommended TutorFind!

David S. , Great Falls, VA
My son lost his football game last night but came in smiling because he earned a 90 on his Algebra II test!

Bonnie P., Arlington, VA
Everything is great! Mike is a perfect fit for my son. He is at a 96.86% before the final in Chemistry.

D. Stanton, Alexandria, VA
The TutorFind staff was very helpful and concerned and responded to our needs very well.

Steve P., McLean, VA
Thank you, TutorFind. You definitely made the difference!

David R. , Vienna, VA
I cannot say enough about the help we recevied from [the tutor]. She immediately became aware of his weaknesses...

David J., Woodbridge, VA
I was skeptical at first that the Academic Coach would help my son, but

David S., Springfield, VA
Matthew has a B+ in geometry! Although he received an F last quarter.So it appears that [the tutor's] efforts are paying off!

Joe S., Fairfax, VA
I would highly reccomend TutorFind for tutoring assistance!

Tom G. , Baltimore, MD
Kayle is a really great tutor!

Carol W., Springfield, VA
I got a tutor the first day I called. This is why we are with TutorFind.

Shelter House, Falls Church, VA
Shelter House is very thrilled to be working with Ms Bergeorn in this summer tutoring program.

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