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Why choose a private tutor?

Private tutoring provides a personalized approach to learning that can't be found in the learning center environment. Since 1993, TutorFind has been providing the best math tutoring, reading tutoring, science tutoring and much more to students in a one on one environment. Our success rate proves the effectiveness of this approach. Here are some reasons to choose a private tutor:

1. One on one attention gives students the greatest opportunity to be successful. Most learning centers work in small groups or have a single tutor rotate around the room, giving students only a portion of each hour. TutorFind provides the student with 100% of each hour and the full attention of the tutor throughout each session.

2. One on one tutoring at TutorFind gives students the same tutor each meeting, allowing the students to establish strong relationships with their tutors which results in more success. Learning centers usually rely on who is scheduled to work during a particular session, which may or may not result in a consistent meeting with the same tutor each meeting.

3. One on one tutoring at TutorFind gives students a program that is designed just for them! We never used "canned" curriculum as most learning centers use, giving our tutors the freedom to focus on exactly what the students need and the best method to reach those needs, which results in more successful outcomes.

4. Private tutors, like those at TutorFind, can establish "mentor-like" relationships with their students, fostering greater self-esteem and resulting in greater success.

5. Private tutoring is more affordable than small group tutoring! This may seem surprising, but because students need less tutoring time when they are working in a one on one environment, the cost in the long run is much less than that of a learning center. At TutorFind, we see one hour of one on one tutoring equivelant to about 3 hours of small group work.

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