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One on One Trusted Affordable Tutors Since 1993!


TutorFind has developed a unique opportunity for individuals who want to run their own businesses but do not want the administrative hassles that often accompany such a venture.
This special program gives you everything you need to start your own TutorFind in your area, including training, marketing materials, central office support and access to our automated management system. You'll have all of the support and decades of experience that TutorFind has to offer but maintain the freedom to run your own business which translates into virtually limitless earning potential. TutorFind Consultant Program gives you the freedom to focus on building your business instead of spending your time wading through paperwork, hassling with payroll and billing, spending time hiring and screening and dealing with general administrative headaches.
The primary cost of becoming a TutorFind Consultant is: you must be professional, experienced in either education or sales, be capable of operating independently out of your home or office. While we offer some up front training, TutorFind relies on experienced, energetic self-starters to build their businesses independently. So, the cost of becoming "experienced enough" may vary depending on you. Other costs include all things associated with opening a home office. Computer, Internet connection, phone, supplies are all vital to running a smooth operation. As well, TutorFind requires all Consultants to go through an initial training program and purchase their own marketing materials. Start-up Training and Materials costs $995. (Note: Marketing materials are sold to Consultants at cost. This is a pass through cost.)

For more information about TutorFind's Consultant Program Debbie Bergeron, M.Ed. at 703-392-7273 or via e-mail at dbergeron@tutorfind.com

Matching students and tutors across the United States including the major metropolitan areas of: Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, Baltimore Maryland, Chicago Illinois, Boston Massachusetts, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, New York New York and San Diego California.

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