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Language Tutoring

Learn to love a Foreign Language! 
Do you dread Spanish Class?  Is your high school student struggling with French?  Would you like to improve your German speaking, pronunciation and reading comprehension?  TutorFind specializes in finding the best private Foreign Language tutors, nationwide.  From expert Spanish tutors to native German tutors, TutorFind has a wide range of fluent and well-educated foreign language tutors.

Which Foreign Language do you want to speak?
TutorFind has certified tutors available to help in the following Foreign Languages:

Spanish French
German Latin
Japanese Portuguese
Chinese Arabic
Dutch Greek
Hebrew Hindu
Italian Persian
Serbian Thai
Turkish Ukranian


Personalize Your Foreign Language Tutoring Session
TutorFind tutors are here to help!  Learning a language, any language, takes time, dedication, motivation, and a lot of practice.  TutorFind affords you the chance to practice and learn your new language in a convenient, relaxed, and comfortable setting: your home.   You’ll work with the same tutor each session, allowing each of you to become familiar with your strengths and weaknesses, which means better feedback and progress for you.  Some students need one-on-one help with specific class homework assignments.  Other students prefer a bit of extra help with the conversational aspect of the language or test taking skills. Either way, our tutoring sessions are guaranteed to help bring up your grades. 

We Tutor Everywhere Across the Country
TutorFind specializes in personalized, at-home private tutoring.  We employ tutors in most major metropolitan areas and all of our tutors are certified with years of experience.  To find a Spanish, French, German or Latin tutor near you, contact our main office at 1-800-64-TUTOR or search online via this web site.  If we do not currently have a certified foreign language tutor in your hometown, we’d be happy to find one for you!

English as a Second Language
Of course English, whether as a first or second language, is also a popular request at TutorFind. Our English tutors are prepared to simply work on English homework if necessary or branch out into specific skill building, like reading, writing and research. Many of our English tutors help individuals master English who have only recently learned the language.

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